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Christina Nini – What It Feels Like

The world of pop music is a fascinating landscape; there is no genre it will not take influence from, and it is this blending of styles that has led to the evolution of many brilliant musical careers. Alt-pop is an example of this, as it combines the anthemic nature of pop with the myriad forms of experimentation found in alternative styles. Christina Nini is the latest talent to forge ahead in this genre, delivering the impactful hit “What It Feels Like.”

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This Is: Viiq

Victoria Quartararo, a typical broke college student, sat on the stage of Radio City Music Hall. A fire engine red Nord Stage 3 keyboard stood as the only barrier between her and the 6,000 seats, the iconic hall filled to max capacity. Nerves built as she looked into the blinding stage lights.

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This Is: The Imaginaries

One of the defining features of human history is art and how people express themselves. From early caveman paintings to grand orchestral compositions, people have always found unique and creative ways of detailing the journey of life. In today’s world especially, music has become a lifeline for expression and creativity. The Imaginaries are one such group carving out their own tapestry, detailing the hard struggles we all experience as well as the path to hope and happiness.

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Thug Shells – Rainy Day EP

With a distinctive style that blends a diverse range of elements, Thug Shells has crafted a unique persona all her own. Using a conversation style of rap with a wide array of beats and breaks, she has amassed a loyal following that has been blowing up across the world. Her latest, the Rainy Day EP, is a personal work detailing her experiences and thoughts on loss, love, and the journey of life.

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