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FNGRNLS – Lazarus EP

Rising from the depths with a vengeance, FNGRNLS delivers an album full of heaters and shellers all filtered through his own inimitable lens. Lazarus, out on Causmic Creative, is an album that explores the trials and tribulations of life, and the fierce struggle we face to overcome them. With a style that pulls from the crackling sizzle of distorted tones as well as a strong infusion of lush melodies, he effortlessly proves why he is one to keep an eye on.

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Christine Nguyen & Justice Gbada – Motherland

Blending elements found from across the world, Christine Nguyen and Justice Gbada have crafted a heartfelt ode to immigrants. Dedicating it to “immigrant families, her first-generation brothers/sisters/sibling, and her mother,” it is apparent this is an issue close to their hearts and you can hear the raw passion in it.

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Big Shay – On & On

Always finding fresh and inventive ways of capturing slices of life, hip hop is a fascinating genre that continually refines this desire. Whether it’s the tough street lyrics of gangster rap or the smooth flows of G funk, it always finds a way of stirring up emotions that paint a picture in the mind.

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