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underdusk x Ghostjammed – Beyond The Veil EP

Brunch Collect has amassed an expansive discography and passionate following, due to their platform revolving around total inclusivity and lifting each other up. In bringing us underdusk and Ghostjammed’s latest collaboration, Beyond The Veil, all involved continue to push the boundaries of music with a seductively soothing touch.

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Mirror House Music Group: Foundational Chemistry

Starting in 2015, Mirror House has ceaselessly worked at building a community which vehemently supports artists and musicians in reaching their potential. From radio shows to live events, magazine articles to sync licensing, co-founders Cameron Hagy and Jon Chananie have amassed a diverse portfolio of experiences molded into the shape that is Mirror House.

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Momentive & Monty: Forwarding The Future Of LA

Momentive Recordings, headed by Chief Jesta, has tirelessly worked to bring the deeper side of the drum and bass spectrum to Los Angeles, spearheading events that brought together local and international artists of this style as well as launching a platform to deliver the music to the masses.

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