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FNGRNLS & D.J. Frew – Hybrid Psy EP

Tackling new horizons is a driving force amongst artists, and nowhere is this more prevalent than with FNGRNLS. His newest release, Hybrid Psy, takes this a step further by not only delivering his own unique bent on the genre but by bringing fellow producer D.J. Frew into the fold as well.

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The History of DnB Lies In Demand Records

Lighting the way for everything experimental and dark, Demand Records has amassed a catalog that stands as a testament to the pioneering nature of Drum and Bass. The news they would be shutting down is of course met with a heavy heart: this was a key label for those looking for something fresh and different, but also music that hit as hard on the dance floor as it does in the mind.

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Grawinkel – Oddy EP

The world of 140 is a strange place, in all the right ways and theres nowhere better to start than with Infernal Sounds. The latest to grace the label is Grawinkel, an artist extremely adept at twisting and mutating sounds into his own unique vibe and vision. With the Oddy EP, this producer seriously cuts loose and takes us on quite the unusual trip.

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Tearing Into The Future: 5 Labels Leading The Charge

Bubbling beneath the surface of DnB lies the underground, a world devoted to the unknown, the future, the untrodden path…it is a vast and unexplored world, but those in it are truly deep in it. Traversing this terrain lies five labels who are not only committed to the path, but have played integral roles in developing and defining what this dark side of dnb is all about: Critical Music, Overview Music, Flexout Audio, Incurzion Audio, and Onyx Recordings.

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