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This Is: Matteson Gregory

Raised and based in Branson, Missouri, Gregory, 25, has grown up a musician. Home videos show her playing with her father’s guitars since she was little. At age 12, she learned how to play, and her poetry transformed into lyrics. After performing one of her own songs in front of the student body as a senior in high school, she realized her potential as an artist. Eventually, she entered the music scene in Nashville, releasing her first song, “Comfortable,” at age 22. Heavily inspired by artists who push the boundaries of genres and wear their hearts on their sleeves, like Taylor Swift, Gregory says, “If you want to get to know me, just listen to my music.”

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LHO – Hun.

With her no nonsense style of lyricism and lush melodies that pull at the deepest heart strings, LHO is back with another heartfelt anthem that’ll sweep you off your feet. Crafting a song that evokes everything from anger to heartbreak as well as empathy and understanding, she takes us on an impactful voyage that reminds us of the trials we all must endure and the paths we take to peace and healing.

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This Is: Nick Nittoli

A man of many talents, Nick Nittoli has methodically carved out a name for himself that is laser focused and entirely unique. Having releases in hip hop, country, R&B, and metal, he doggedly pursues intertwining genres as much as possible. Nittoli has worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Fabian Mazur, French Montana, Sam Bruno, and many more; adding to all this is the fact that he is a songwriter, producer, engineer, and artist. Thus, he is a man of many talents and hats, with a fascinating history and journey that got him to where he is today.

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