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Christine Nguyen & Justice Gbada – Motherland

Blending elements found from across the world, Christine Nguyen and Justice Gbada have crafted a heartfelt ode to immigrants. Dedicating it to “immigrant families, her first-generation brothers/sisters/sibling, and her mother,” it is apparent this is an issue close to their hearts and you can hear the raw passion in it.

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Big Shay – On & On

Always finding fresh and inventive ways of capturing slices of life, hip hop is a fascinating genre that continually refines this desire. Whether it’s the tough street lyrics of gangster rap or the smooth flows of G funk, it always finds a way of stirring up emotions that paint a picture in the mind.

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Airglo & TAELIMB – Momentum EP

Two serious heavyweights of drum and bass, Taelimb and Airglo, have come together to give us an EP of epic proportions: the Momentum EP on Rebel Music. Both these artists and the label are well known for their face-melting sound design and love of thick choppy drums. Taelimb has a unique way of blending this with a deep and intricate style of sub design that gives him his signature techy sound, always finding new undiscovered sounds in the studio. Airglo is a constant explorer, always evolving and applying his melodic knowledge to new methods of production and songwriting.

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LHO – The Butterfly Effect EP

Emotion has always been a significant driving force in music; it’s most surreal when a song hits you out of the blue, and creates an instant recall to a vivid experience once had. There is an infinite number of ways to evoke emotion, and each genre of music tackles this in unique ways. The chill side of pop music tends to favor lush orchestration, longing vocals, and relaxing tempos to create its journeys. LHO is one of the newest artists to explore this genre to great effect on her release, Butterfly Effect.

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