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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Shall Not Fade
Genres and Styles: House/Techno
Year: 2023

By Brian Grimmett

Lush production abounds in the works of Third Son. Revered for his production prowess along with his creative use of composition, his momentum is increasing exponentially. Having founded the label Polymath as well, this is an artist creating whole worlds that are fascinating to explore. Debuting the TS alias on his latest release, he demonstrates an innate aptitude for exploring the deep unknown.   

A booming sub starts out the epic track, cleverly named “Head to toe in your own clothes.” A defining feature of the track, it drives the track along in a relaxed yet forceful manner; this sets the perfect stage for the subtle dynamic shifts littered throughout the song. From high pitched vocals to atmospheric buildups, swirling synths to throbbing hypnotic motifs, it takes you on an intense journey through sound that never seems to end. The sound design itself is incredibly warm, further intensifying the warbling psychedelic haze that permeates its very core. 

Out now as part of the 1ntrnt Of 3vrthng release on Shall Not Fade, dive in ASAP!