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Whether you fancy yourself a spiritual believer or are a stark believer in only coincidences, we’ve all heard the saying, “it’s 11:11, make a wish.” In celebration of the incredible cosmic energy that ripped through the universe on the eleventh day of the eleventh month (11/11), Chloé Caroline shares a sultry, fierce new single “Manifest” and music video – now premiering on VEVO’s DSCVR Pop and Incoming Pop.

With this profoundly spiritual portal now open, it’s the perfect time to manifest your New Year’s resolutions! Off of Caroline’s upcoming The Awakening Vol. 2 EP, set to hit in early 2024, it sees Caroline embodying her sensuality and embracing her entire Divine Feminine energy. Such a powerful statement is not one you, nor the Universe can ignore.

Not only has 2023 been a whirlwind for Chloé Caroline on the music front, racking up over 235,000 streams, over 600,000 video views on YouTube and three #1 radio singles at Mix 93.3 (TWINFLAMES, Saving Space, GEMINI) among more impressive achievements, but has also been a year of intense spiritual growth. “Manifest”, written as she began witnessing the power of manifesting in her own life, cleverly plays on the similarities between fantasies and manifestations. Unable to shake a particular fantasy (and person) from her thoughts, Chloé brings the “night” she envisions to life through song. In a world where sensuality is often misunderstood or unfairly stigmatized, “Manifest” breaks boundaries. An especially empowering anthem for women, it is a tribute to the divine feminine energy that resides within all of us and encourages women to embrace their sensuality with confidence as a natural and beautiful aspect of themselves. Sensuality shouldn’t immediately equate to being raunchy, dirty, or even attention-seeking, it’s honest. “People just want honesty and if we’re being honest, we all have this side to us,” explains Chloé Caroline.

Co-written with Emma Lynn White, Shawn Gough and producer Jamie Kenney (Fletcher, Colbie Callait), whom Caroline also worked with on The Awakening Vol. 1, “Manifest” was written out of a vulnerable place. “The idea for ‘Manifest’ was based on two things, me being a huge believer in manifestation, and not being able to get someone off of my mind. This feeling of going insane. I had this lingering fantasy that I could not get rid of. So I thought, ok, I manifest all the time…I wonder if I say or SING this out loud, what will happen? Be bold Chloé” shares Caroline.

Continuing to honour female empowerment, the “Manifest” music video was directed, produced and edited by an all-female ensemble, Alaina Booth (Director, DoP, Editor, Producer), Allison Snyder (Producer, Creative Director [Artist Made Projects]) and Caroline herself. In addition to this, it was sponsored by the female-run business Haus of Divinity. Haus of Divinity is an artisan jewelry company which specializes in angel number designs, including the 11:11 necklace and bracelet worn by Caroline in the music video. Oozing with magic and mystique, it was shot in an A-frame cabin on Lake Arrowhead in the middle of the night, with only the three girls. Caroline adds, “I think that feminine touch and mystery of not knowing what was going to come from our all-nighter added another layer of mystique.”

The music video was filmed on the entire premise of getting ready for the night, almost like a GRWM (Get Ready With Me) style video, but next level, with a twist. “Is she getting ready for this person or is it just for herself and it’s all playing out in her mind? From the clock to the jewelry we see references to 11:11, the most recognizable angel number representative of being on the right path and in powerful manifestation energy.”

“Manifest” follows The Awakening Vol. 2’s first two singles, “94”, (9/29) the whimsical, heartfelt pop song for story lovers (and those who understand the frustration of a “situationship”) which hit 40,000 views on YouTube, and the dangerously catchy track “Boyish” (8/25). About not settling or exhausting your energy for any less than you deserve, “Boyish” debuted live on KTLA Weekend AM in August. Both official videos also premiered on VEVO’s “Incoming Pop” and “94” a sync placement in MTV’s “Catfish”. Thematically Vol.1 (Released March 2023) embodied Caroline’s journey of self-discovery, love, heartbreak, healing, risk and reward, serving as her spiritual awakening to a whole new cosmic energy. Playing off of these themes Vol. 2, is the prequel–diving deep into the earlier stages of her awakening.

“Manifest” is now streaming everywhere!

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