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Brianna Tam: Live-Looping Cellist and Composer

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Featured Releases

Walking The Road – EP

Fusing folk, pop and rock, Mara Sol's debut EP, Walking The Road, delivers a compilation of stories and past experiences such as love, relationships and overcoming hardships. "I really write these songs…
Featured Releases

Grimey – Single

Houseium’s new track “Grimey” has been in the works for two years. Finally released on October 28 on Fantom Freq’s Thiccfreqness Records, the track is his hardest and dirtiest track…
Featured Releases

All We Got Is Time – Single

"What will you have written on your grave?," posed in 'All We Got Is Time', is less about death than life; a challenge to be our truest selves in our…

Mirror House Magazine

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Album Review

Geostatic – Power Of Knowledge EP

Diving deep below the bubbling undercurrents of music, Geostatic has methodically crafted a signature sound revolving around densely textured atmospheres, surging sub-heavy vibes, and haunting melodies.
Album Review

underdusk x Ghostjammed – Beyond The Veil EP

Brunch Collect has amassed an expansive discography and passionate following, due to their platform revolving around total inclusivity and lifting each other up. In bringing us underdusk and Ghostjammed’s latest…

Mirror House Music Group: Foundational Chemistry

Starting in 2015, Mirror House has ceaselessly worked at building a community which vehemently supports artists and musicians in reaching their potential. From radio shows to live events, magazine articles…

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