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Brianna Tam: Live-Looping Cellist and Composer

Featured Releases

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Featured Releases

Gymmie The Dreamer – Love Blames Me

Effortlessly traveling amongst genres, the multi-faceted talent known as Gymmie The Dreamer stands poised to divulge his dynamic style through an intricate exploration of every style.
Featured Releases

TS – Head to toe in your own clothes

Lush production abounds in the works of Third Son. Debuting the TS alias on his latest release, he demonstrates an innate aptitude for exploring the deep unknown.   
Featured Releases

Mara Sol – Bone Dry

Mara Sol has carved a legacy centered on emotional imagery pulled from life experiences as well as a unique approach to song-craft. Blending the musical joys in her life along…

Mirror House Magazine

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Anna Katarina – Unfolding The Tiers Of Music

With a passionate commitment to music that is unmatched, Anna Katarina has steadily developed a signature sound based around her diverse palette of skills. Whether it's singing, writing, or playing…

JUICE Drum and Bass & BassRoutes: The Searing Soul Of Portland

Running 18 years strong, JUICE DnB has been leading the Portland DnB scene through thick and thin, and continues to steer it into uncharted territory.
Album Review

Geostatic – Power Of Knowledge EP

Diving deep below the bubbling undercurrents of music, Geostatic has methodically crafted a signature sound revolving around densely textured atmospheres, surging sub-heavy vibes, and haunting melodies.

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