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Country: Great Britain
Label: Independent
Genres and Styles: Indie-pop
Year: 2023

By Brian Grimmett

With a penchant for coaxing the hidden melodies laying dormant in music, Lucky Iris brandishes their new single “23.” Filled to the brim with sugar coated drops of guitar notes, wispy melancholic lyrics, and delicate placement of atmosphere, it’s a soft rolling ride that will make your head swoon and heart flutter. 

Opening with the twin attack of guitar and vocals, “23” instantly exposes the silky touch brought to the table. The lyrics create a hovering sensation, as each fuzzed out strum of the guitar pulls you back down to earth. Tension starts to build with the drop of the bassline, driving things forward with its warm tone; the rest of the rhythm section sneaks in, further adding to the building crescendo that fuels it. Riding the vibe out effortlessly to the end, it leaves a lasting imprint that will have you coming back over and over. 

Out now on all your favorite platforms, dive in as soon as you can.