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Country: England
Label: The Mob Recordings
Genres and Styles: Drum and Bass
Year: 2022

By Brian Grimmett

Like a hot knife through butter, Dubruvvas have methodically crafted a sound that has uncovered entirely new depths of dnb. With a unique brand of deep hypnotic grooves, each tune brings forth infectious energy that showcases their stealthy rise in notoriety. Their latest, the Klangers EP on Mob Recordings, is the next step in developing this arsenal.
Laying at the dark heart of Dnb, Mob Recordings is a leading force of minimal Dnb. Featuring releases from heavyweights ranging from Objectiv, Geostatic, Hicukpz, Katon, DIS:TURBED, and more, there is no denying this is a no-nonsense label which is dedicated to exploring the hidden recesses in music.
With Dubruvvas being regular contributors to the label, they have routinely displayed their knowledge and passion of the genre, along with a fierce dedication to push it to its absolute limits: from the jackhammer grooves of “Tibet” seen on one of their earliest releases to their monstrous remix of the Hickupz x Chamba tune “Solution”, and even the relentless frenzy of material contained in releases such as the Worst Ways EP or the Cellophane EP. With four fresh cuts exploring this exponentially further, brace yourself for a whirlwind experience that is impossible to prepare for.
Starting off the release is the title track – ”Klangers.” A rambunctious frenzy of deep rolling subs, crisp drum work, and a steady driving rhythm make this one a force to be reckoned with: the addictive hum of the sub entrances you, while the haunting vocals and high speed shuffles pull the mind in every direction. The fusion of each layer creates a distinctive energy only found in Dubruvvas productions, and exactly why they’ve become a minimal favorite.
“Turf” opens with the defining crunch of the snare, before being interrupted by a mind bending swathe of atmospherics. Ramping up the intensity into the drop, it launches into a throbbing heavyweight tune the likes of which are rarely seen. The pace of this tune is relentless, emboldened by its heavy drums working in perfect synchronicity with the gut wrenching sub and frenzied drum patterns. This is a cut throat tune that will tax the heaviest sound systems.
Stepping into the fold comes Arkaik, bringing his signature aural artillery to the Dubruvvas tune “Secret Weapons.” Always one to search out the darkest recesses of sub bass, he does not hold back on any level here. With a bouncing sub and skronky motif playing dueling swordsman, it overwhelms the sense in the blink of an eye and seems to distort time itself. This is what provides the rag doll effect when listening to this tune, and makes it ideal for demolishing any dancefloor.
“Horsepower”, a monster collab with Coza, takes the intensity to the next level. The tightly woven repetition of the sub features center stage, taking you on a journey of musical madness only minimal can. Each layer ebbs and flows around this, making for a shifting landscape that feels like reality is just crawling insects. The drum section pulses seamlessly with the intense force of the sub, cementing the overwhelming force inherent in this track. Plus, as a free download there is nothing holding this track back.
Out now on Beatport and other major platforms, this release is not to be slept on!