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Country: Canada
Label: Independent
Genres and Styles: G-funk
Year: 2021

Always finding fresh and inventive ways of capturing slices of life, hip hop is a fascinating genre that continually refines this desire. Whether it’s the tough street lyrics of gangster rap or the smooth flows of G funk, it always finds a way of stirring up emotions that paint a picture in the mind.

Big Shay knows this all too well; with a repertoire of tunes spanning the entire gamut of styles and methodologies, he has a proven track record of delivering clever lines, dynamic riffs, and an ability to convey pure emotion in his own singular style. His latest, “On and On,” is the perfect beat laden panacea as the world heads back to normal. In his own words, “Fresh vibes from the northwest! After all that pandemic madness, we’re tryna’ get people to loosen up with this one. It’s feel good hip hop, an easy listening summer jam. You can drive to this, smoke to it, or play it at a bbq and get everybody two steppin’! Chrispy is a genius.”

Starting out with a shuffle that instantly reminds you of the beach, the echo drenched vocals and piano motif slide in effortlessly and create the bliss filled atmosphere that defines the song. Once the lyrical flow begins, the groove shifts ever so slightly to create that head bobbing momentum that rocks the body as it causes the mind to ponder. Alternating between word repetition and endless flows of wordplay, this is a song that you’ll get down to every time you listen to it.

Out now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, cop this one now and get ready for the time of your life!

By Brian Grimmett, on June 21, 2021