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underdusk x Ghostjammed – Beyond The Veil EP

Country: United States
Label: Brunch Collect
Genres and Styles: Lofi Hip-Hop
Year: 2023



By Brian Grimmett

Floating in on the two pronged attack of subtlety and delicate atmospheres, underdusk and Ghostjammed deliver an exquisite entry in the lofi universe. Lofi Hip-hop is a fast developing genre that seemingly arose out of nowhere, expanding our understanding of the fluidity of music itself. Brunch Collect has amassed an expansive discography and passionate following, due to their platform revolving around total inclusivity and lifting each other up. In bringing us underdusk and Ghostjammed’s latest collaboration, Beyond The Veil, all involved continue to push the boundaries of music with a seductively soothing touch. 

“Luminescence” opens the release with a ghost-like guitar motif that propels the song forward in perfect unison with the entrancing beat. Layers build and fall in on themselves, creating a surging tension that carries you along like a wave. Using space to gorgeous effect, the moment the beat fades away only strengthens the impact when it drops back in. All of this creates a push and pull momentum that is as addictive as its awe-inspiring.

Floating in on blissful melodies and spacious atmospherics, “Eclipse” evokes the purest sense of walking through a forest under the moon. Its meandering vibe creates an easygoing effect that keeps you on the edge of your seat, always wondering what will happen next. Whether it’s the vibration of the bass, timbre of the snare, or chime of the piano, there is no doubt this tune will pull you back in time and time again.

The precise and energetic beat of “Blossom” perfectly set the stage for what comes next – gorgeous melodies paired with a bouncing bass that dances around in your head for infinity. The specific use of atmosphere and space, which forms the soundscape, instantly transports the mind into a pure dream state. Weaving it all together, it hits the body as well as the mind with its gentle intensity – making it an enjoyable adventure that defies all expectations. 

Now streaming on all your favorite platforms, take the path less traveled and dive into this release ASAP!