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Country: United States
Label: Independent
Genres and Styles: Indie-folk/Indie-pop
Year: 2023

By Brian Grimmett

Investing in the power of music wholeheartedly, Mara Sol has carved a legacy centered on emotional imagery pulled from life experiences as well as a unique approach to song-craft. Blending the musical joys in her life along with detailing its inherent struggles has led to a signature music style – equal parts indie, folk, pop, and rock – that has garnered such widespread acclaim. Her latest, “Bone Dry,” builds upon this even further, using a delicate balance of tension that strikes deep into the heart.

Opening with a rich piano hook that instantly draws you in, the soothing harmony of the lyrics unites perfectly with the motif to create a surging rush of emotion. Subtly increasing the tension with the introduction of each subsequent layer, it comes to a crashing head when the drums enter; cascading from this hit, she employs long vocalizations and drawn out low-end hums to create the epic sense of atmosphere which leads the march to the peak. The final crescendo that defines the outro lays down an exquisite sense of relief, and fully paints the picture of life which informs the bulk of her output. 

Out now on all major platforms, dive in and get to know Mara Sol stat!!