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Country: Canada
Label: Sick Beets
Genres and Styles: Hip Hop
Year: 2021

With a distinctive style that blends a diverse range of elements, Thug Shells has crafted a unique persona all her own. Using a conversation style of rap with a wide array of beats and breaks, she has amassed a loyal following that has been blowing up across the world. Her latest, the Rainy Day EP, is a personal work detailing her experiences and thoughts on loss, love, and the journey of life.

Starting off the album, we get the funky grooves of “Too Sunny.” This one has a melancholic vibe to it, evoking the struggle towards dealing with all the complications life tends to throw at us. Playfully using her machine gun lyrics and melodic voicings, it moves you from frustration to clarity and back again. Thus, it further showcases her ability to take you on an emotional journey you won’t soon forget.

Stepping into the realm of rock and blues, “Blooming” starts off with a rainy-day guitar day riff that fuses perfectly with the minimalistic beat that enters. The lumbering rhythm counterpoints with the lyrics, giving ample room for both sides of her vocal stylings. The back and forth between the lyrical pacing takes you on an intense journey of growth.

“Streetlights” is a fascinating workout out of a tune. The simple hip-hop styled beat is the kind that does so much with so little, and the onslaught of words from Thug Shells is a whirlwind that captivates you. There is a swirling sensation you get when listening to the tune; the ethereal FX sound exactly like the wind as the motif of streetlights continue to echo throughout the song.

The next tune, “3 AM,” explores the weird feeling of being awake at this particular time. With both the music and lyrics possessing a constantly shifting nature, it encapsulates the surreal effect when its neither night nor daytime. In addition, the dueling banjo effect the track has further establishes that atmosphere. Yet we also get a soothing chorus, giving the brief respite sleep has for us all.

“Not Alone” closes the album with an upbeat soulful jazz motif that recalls everything from Motown to classic hip-hop. This sets up the perfect stage for her rapid-fire lyrics that strike a balance between the light hearted and the serious side of feeling alone. Overall, it’s a tune that helps draw you into the world she creates with her music.

Out now, scoop this one up for yourself stat!!

by Brian Grimmett, on February 15, 2021