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Country: United States
Label: Younjosh
Genres and Styles: House/Pop/Reggae & Gospel
Year: 2021

2021 has come at last. What better way to bring in the New Year than with music? There is a reason House music is synonymous with starting the year off with a bang; whether it’s a disco tinged remix of a classic soul tune to a new underground banger, the steady beat and soothing sound design is always the perfect complement to any party. Souto is a DJ and producer – born as well as raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and now based in New Jersey, USA- steadily on the rise, well-known for his melodic deep cuts of House that have been taking the sound waves by storm.
His latest track comes in the form of a collab with YOUNJOSH, entitled “Rio” and one of 3 songs on YOUNJOSH’s new EP Young Legend. Starting things off with a classic backbeat, the song instantly reminds you of being on the dance floor in front of your favorite Soundsystem. As the ethereal effects wash over you and carry you into the buildup, the tension of excitement reaches a fever pitch. Yet these two producers flip expectations, as instead of a drop we get carried further into the stratosphere with the glistening vocals. All of these elements collide into the drop at last, with an addictive climbing bass line that make for a tune impossible to resist.
This showcases their ability to create unique moments of tension and release, as well as craft the uplifting vibes that people crave and need. Out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, and Soundcloud, cop this for yourself and start the year off right!

By Brian Grimmett, on January 6, 2021