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Country: United Kingdom
Label: Transparent Audio
Genres and Styles: Drum and Bass
Year: 2023

By Brian Grimmett

Diving deep below the bubbling undercurrents of music, Geostatic has methodically crafted a signature sound revolving around densely textured atmospheres, surging sub-heavy vibes, and haunting melodies. With releases on Delta9 Recordings, Mob Recordings, Incurzion Audio, Ekou Recordings, and more, he is easily a serious force to be reckoned with. His main home has been Transparent Audio, and there are no doubts how they gravitated towards each other.

Transparent Audio is a newer label on the scene compared to some, but never the less has made a heavyweight stamp on it – they champion the deep and dark side of DnB with a highly emphasis on creative twists. With throbbing minimal workouts, dark liquid journeys, and ferocious techy weapons dotting their discography, they have quickly become a leading force in shaping the path of the genre. Cementing this further comes Geostatic’s latest, The Power Of Knowledge EP. Showcasing the Austrian sound with no less than three collaborations, this is a powerhouse release that cannot be ignored.

“Fathom” opens with the splash of the hat section spilling into the twin buildup of moody vocals and driving intensity. The drop effortlessly slides in with a vibrational force that instantly sucks you in deep, drawing everything into its swirling center. With a hypnotic fuzzed out bassline gyrating endlessly, the song builds on itself to create a fascinating world of sound that is as rich as it comes.

Healian is an up and coming producer known for his fiery productions that range from full blown tear outs to smoldering vibey workouts. Joining forces with Geostatic, they bring forth the title track “Power of Knowledge.” From the rumbling bassline to the techy hat shuffles that form its heart, they fuse these with stuttering intricate beat patterns and intertwining chattering vocals – this creates a relentless tune that balances potent energy with subtle dynamic layering, defying all expectations. 

Slowly building with deep subtle layers of tension, “Angel” sees a collaboration with none other than Screamarts. The opening perfectly sets the stage for the massive hit of the drop; one stacked with hard hitting subs bolstered by razor sharp drums and searing buzzes of FX. The ethereal vocals counterpoint the ricochet of the drum section, fostering the delicate balance of noise and harmony this tune expertly revels in. 

“FYI ” features TWO XY, a producer known for his deft blending of explosive drums and lush melodies. Using a blissful river of sound to seduce the listener, it quickly launches an unexpected switch into throbbing rolling rhythms that instantly hit the body as hard as the mind. By using the force of the sub with the bouncing energy of its tempo, it creates an addictive tunnel of sound that reverberates perpetually in the brain.  

Out now on Beatport and streaming on Spotify, cop this stat!