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Country: United States
Label: Finding Grace
Genres and Styles: Pop
Year: 2021

Emotion has always been a significant driving force in music; it’s most surreal when a song hits you out of the blue, and creates an instant recall to a vivid experience once had. There is an infinite number of ways to evoke emotion, and each genre of music tackles this in unique ways. The chill side of pop music tends to favor lush orchestration, longing vocals, and relaxing tempos to create its journeys. LHO is one of the newest artists to explore this genre to great effect on her release, Butterfly Effect.

“Gaslight” depicts a biting tale of betrayal. With a consistent and deep driving rhythm, the perfect vibe is crafted and echoes the bitter sting of the lyrics masterfully. The robotic tinged sound of the vocals captures the feeling of shock when first discovering it, and the use of words like paralyze effectively reveal the devastating effects that linger far too long.

Beginning with a captivating motif and sprightly lyrics, “Worship” launches into a heavy exploration of ecstasy. Detailing the intense feelings involved in making someone feel like the most important thing in the world, the simple flow of the tune effortlessly illustrates the laser minded focus and passion one has when in the midst of pursuing this desire.

“Love and a High” is an evocative downtempo tune on the powerful effect love has on us, both good and bad. The soothing bass line counterpoints the melancholy musings of the vocals, and the tension only rises throughout the song as the different rhythmic layers ebb and flow. This creates an intense introspective effect on the listener as you get drawn deeper into the center of its orbit.

One of the more intense emotions we all feel is loneliness and missing someone we care about; on “Anxious Love” the vocalist perfectly captures the tension experienced in this situation. In particular, you get that feeling of impatience when seeing them is so close but taking forever to happen. The stepping sensation created with the vocal delivery puts these images to sound beautifully.

“Cross The Line” takes us deep into musings on devotion and passion we have towards those we love. Using spacious atmospheres, a sparse easygoing rhythm, and soothing vocals, it reveals the bliss we all experience as we get to know another person and what springs forth from it.

Out now on all major platforms, grab it today and embark on this fruitful adventure with LHO!

By Brian Grimmett, on May 4, 2021