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Country: United States
Label: Funky Indigo Entertainment
Genres and Styles: R&B Power Ballad
Year: 2021

“Brain on Fire,” the latest single from up-and-coming talent JOVANNA, is a scorching portrayal of mental disorder. The songwriter takes us on a journey that explores the darkest depths of the mind, as well as the journey to healing that is so important in today’s world. 

Starting off with a steady stomping rhythm backed by a wistful keyboard motif and ethereal atmospherics, the tension builds as her vocals begin painting the landscape of the song. The intensity ebbs and flows throughout the song, weaving in and out of the lyrics, and reflecting the anxiety of a troubled mind in raw and authentic ways. The lyrics themselves further add to this, as they evoke the pure emotions which arise throughout the fight with and against it.

The song effects a fragile balance between beauty and pain, making it feel like an involuntary balancing act. It is songs like these that will help shed light on the insidious nature of mental illness and how important it is to provide sufferers with a safe space to express and work though the difficult trials that they endure. 

Out now on all major streaming platforms, don’t miss out on this exciting release and grab it for yourself ASAP!

By Brian Grimmet, on February 8, 2021