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Country: United States
Label: Christina Nini Music
Genres and Styles: Alt-pop
Year: 2021

The world of pop music is a fascinating landscape; there is no genre it will not take influence from, and it is this blending of styles that has led to the evolution of many brilliant musical careers. Alt-pop is an example of this, as it combines the anthemic nature of pop with the myriad forms of experimentation found in alternative styles. Christina Nini is the latest talent to forge ahead in this genre, delivering the impactful hit What It Feels Like.”

Starting off with lush melancholic lyrics and a hook filled bass line, the track reaches a fever pitch as the atmosphere slowly intensifies with the introduction of each melodic motif. The offbeat shuffle running through the song forces the mind to ponder the lyrics, with the vibration of the sub overwhelming the body with heavy bliss. It’s an intense emotional journey, reflecting the joy and heartache life brings.

Out now on all major platforms, grab your copy today!

By Brian Grimmett, on January 29, 2021