Mirror House Graphic Design & Visuals

What's Included?


Professional bundle includes HD exports and vector project files


Includes HD video export with 3d logo as an alpha channel, plus square export with background for social posts


Select animated and promote a song or new release along with your eye catching art


Live mixed trippy in-house visuals plus artist logo formatting for screens

The Process

Item No.

01. Assessment

After the order form is completed and submitted, Mirror House will review and contact the client to confirm the details and receive the first payment installment. A Google Drive folder will then be set up and shared among the Mirror House Team and client to transfer content.

Item No.

02. Revisions

The client and artist will get in contact to discuss specific details of the design. At this time, all color pallets, screen shots, and links for inspiration should be shared to pinpoint a perfect, satisfactory piece of art. Samples and revision notes will be exchanged to finalize the product for delivery.

Item No.

03. Delivery

With the client’s satisfaction upon completion, the client will be directed back to the make their second payment installation. After receiving, Mirror House will place the final product in the Google Drive folder and notify the client.

*If you have any questions that are not answered on the form please contact us at MirrorHouseMusicGroup@gmail.com.

A Few Of Our 2D Logos

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