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Country: United States
Label: Self-released
Genres and Styles: Pop
Year: 2021

With her no nonsense style of lyricism and lush melodies that pull at the deepest heart strings, LHO is back with another heartfelt anthem that’ll sweep you off your feet. Crafting a song that evokes everything from anger to heartbreak as well as empathy and understanding, she takes us on an impactful voyage that reminds us of the trials we all must endure and the paths we take to peace and healing.
Opening with the chaos of crowd noises balanced with the ethereal melodic motif that lingers throughout the track, the stage is set for the twisting journey that lies ahead. As the crowd goes silent, the song begins its ascent with her lyrics slowly painting the imagery of awkwardness and unsettling encounters. A simple yet driving beat perfectly sets the pace, giving ample space for her lyrical explorations while retaining the energetic tension that defines it. The swirling atmosphere that dots the soundscape fills the song out even further, giving us that sense of haziness which comes from navigating complex interpersonal reactions in life. Available for streaming now, don’t miss this epic new song by LHO!

By Brian Grimmett, on September 10, 2021