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Country: United States
Genres and Styles: Electronic
Year: 2022

FNGRNLS is an enigmatic entity: each release is its own universe, from hard-hitting dubstep releases filled with dark soundscapes to whirlwind explorations of sound design. You never know what to expect with each release, and with Out Of Body, he stays committed to this path. This release has its roots based in house and techno, with the producer fusing elements of those genres with his own singular vibe.

Nearly lost to the winds of time and happenstance, the release is a testament to persevering through thick and thin, whether it’s fighting a creative block or having to rework wayward material. By experimenting with unusual fusions of genres and styles, he has hit upon an exciting release that effortlessly weaves between the light and dark. Whether you are craving some fierce bass wobbles or a blissful climb into the clouds, this and so much more lie within.

With just the right touch of blissful atmospherics and weighty bass, “Apparition” starts the release off in the most infectious way. The groove of the track hooks you in instantly, causing you to forget anything exists outside of it. The dreamy melodicism solidifies the weightless effect it has on the listener, as the song ebbs and flows on it’s journey deep inside the mind.

“Here but Not Here” continues the EP’s penchant for sucking you into it’s world. The mutant distorted bassline is truly otherworldly with it’s winding gritty textures; combined with the melodic stabs of the synth along with its driving rhythm, the tune refuses to let up and instead constantly amps up the intensity. It’s only when it’s at it’s fever pitch that the genius of it’s design suddenly dawns on you.

With glitchy FX and a seductive beat, “I’m Gonna” is a trip into the sinister underworld of bass music. Keeping the pressure on with the grinding thump of the bass, the addictive motif whips you around with the furor of a taskmaster – it’s an intense experience as the interlocking elements build into each other to create the deadly focus which defines the song.
The deep ambiance of “Fahrenheit” belies the haunting atmosphere bubbling right beneath its surface. The soulful vocals that drift in from the stratosphere evoke the sense of angelic beings floating right above your head, with the deep vibration of the sub carrying you along a soothing river of sound. Yet the lilting keyboard progression and timbre of sound it employs draws you in against your will, like a ghost that hides it’s true nature.
“The Dream Witch” is an epic journey deep into the heart of the FNGRLNLS world. With a throbbing groove that instantly takes over the body and a repetitive insect buzz that hovers on the periphery, it entrances the listener flawlessly. The tension slowly rises as the song progresses, with haunting melodies cascading around that pull you in deeper and deeper.
Amping everything up just a notch further, the choppy breaks and tough edged beat of “Make You” expertly accomplish this. The focused intensity of the kick drives the song forward like a madman at the wheel, while the complexities of the rhythm itself bombard the listener with a sonic assault that disorients the senses. The bass stabs have a timbre of sound that firmly establishes the frenzy that defines this tune.
Closing out the release is “Hyperbolean,” an anthemic whirlwind of crunchy basslines and atmospheric waves of FX that’ll have you punching the air and dancing feverishly in less than a heartbeat. The progression of notes employed by the synth drifts smoothly into the hypnotic FX, while the bassline fuses seamlessly with the drums to drive home the feeling of a journey completed.
Out January 21, via the FNGRNLS Bandcamp page, don’t sleep on this exhilarating release.
by Brian Grimmett on January 19, 2022